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Comparative Features
Alpine Classic

Cabinet Quality Pressed Wood Solid Hardwood
Ion Emitter Behind the Fan
Obstructs Ionization and can cause buildup inside the unit
In Front of Fan
Unobstructed Ionization permits ions to freely exit unit. Inside unit stays cleaner and Ionizer is more effective
Ion Generator Less Powerful
Emits fewer ions
More Powerful Generation
Creates more effective ionization
Double Emitters Single Emitter
Emits fewer ions. Point is cone shaped and thus burns back to a thicker part of the needle
Double Emitters
Emit more ions. Made of stainless steel wire. As they slowly burn back, the emitter diameter stays the same
Cold Plasma Plates Glass
Cracks easily especially when cleaning
Ceramic Plates
Heavy Duty/Commercial Quality
More Durable and Longer Life
Plate Access Difficult
Must remove back of unit and then insert hand to remove or install plates
Equivalent to removing or inserting a CD into player
Internal Components Soft Metal
Soft Inexpensive Metals that can corrode
100% Stainless Steel
Will not corrode from ozone
Chassis Fixed
Difficult to Clean and maintain
Modular/Slide IN-OUT
Superior quality design and
easy cleaning

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Replacement Filters

 If you already own one of these wonderful filters and want a replacement filter, we offer those at unbeatable prices.


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